How Many Steps Can You Take, How Do You Become
         A Ref, and Can You Rebound Your Own Air Ball?

QUESTION: Player A rebounds the ball underneath his own basket and lands on both feet (no pivot foot established). How many steps can he take to the basket without dribbling? One or two? If he establishes a pivot foot – can he only take one more step to the basket (ball must be released before the pivot foot hits the floor again)?

ANSWER:  Landing on both feet means either foot can become the pivot foot.  Once the pivot is established, the player can then step with the other (but not take two steps) as he then goes up to shoot or pass.  That's it.  Anything  beyond that would be a "traveling" violation.

QUESTION: I’m interested in becoming a basketball referee here in Western Suffolk.  How do I get started?

ANSWER: It's a little late for this season (2007 - 08) because the "candidates school" has already been completed.  But, for the next season, contact the Interpreter of Board # 127 (Western Suffolk).  That would be Bob DeAngelis at 631-368-6509 or (cell) 516-241-7340. 

QUESTION: In an adult pickup game a player shot and the ball went over the basket without touching anything. The shooter caught the ball on the other side of the basket, considering it a legitimate rebound. An argument ensued. One side said a shooter can't catch his own ball if it touches nothing. The other said that on a legitimate shot try the ball doesn't need to touch anything to be a live ball for the shooter. Who's right?

ANSWER: Simple!  As long as we all agree that "the player shot" then the fact that the ball didn't touch anything has NO bearing on the situation.  The shooter is entitled to rebound his missed shot and, in fact, can also go back up and shoot again.  Stop and think.......have you ever seen this called in any TV game you've ever seen?? 

BUT......if it were a "pass" and not a shot, then we'd have a "traveling" violation.  So the key is whether or not it was considered a "shot."

Do you have a question?  Have you seen a play you didn't understand?   Was there
a controversy you'd like clarified?  Send your questions in and I'll do my best to get you an answer.

                                                            Skip Yutzler
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                            5 Times NY State HS Championships - Glens Falls
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